Failure-free and high-yielding solar farms

Owners and operators of solar farms face constant operational and financial pressure. Safeguarding failure-free operations is essential to realizing high yields on solar farm investments.

Poor design, faulty components, and structural quality problems can have a serious impact on the safety and performance of a solar farm.

Our team of PV Quality Engineers specializes in on-site technical inspections and defect troubleshooting of solar farms worldwide.

The benefits of solar farm technical inspections by KISUN SOLAR include:

  • Comprehensive component testing
  • Identification and repair of anomalies, defects and non-conformities
  • Modern testing equipment employed on-site
  • Cost- and time-efficient proprietary inspection procedure
  • Independent and confidential technical report with detailed documentation
  • PV-specialized international inspection team
  • Project investment security
  • Solar farm inspections worldwide

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Solar farm technical inspections include:

  • Visual inspection of components and connections
  • String measurement
  • Electroluminescence imaging
  • Electrical safety tests
  • Thermographic analysis

  • Component sealing check
  • Yield target-actual comparison
  • Design concept and standards compliance evaluation
  • Technical construction assessment
  • Documentation check

Quality de-risking solar farms worldwide

utility scale solar farm inspections

KISUN SOLAR helps investors, owners and operators of solar farms worldwide to
ensure failure-free operations and troubleshoot malfunctions and defects.

Over the past 3 years our European-American PV quality engineering team has
performed technical inspections on rooftop and ground-mounted solar farms in more
than 10 countries on 4 continents.

Visit us at our offices in Shanghai or Hong Kong, or connect with our subsidiaries in
the USA, India, Brazil, the Netherlands, Philippines and Turkey.

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