A-grade quality solar cells from Asia

Purchasing from solar cell producers in Asia has become increasingly popular among manufacturers, traders, and research institutions worldwide.

Solar cells comprise over 50% of the total value of a PV module and are among the most defect-sensitive and quality-diverse components in a module.

With no precise international standards on solar cell grading and color classification (and often poor producer internal quality control), buyers face difficulties when trying to ascertain the quality grade and state of their prospective cell purchases.

Kisun Solar performs independent solar cell quality inspections on-site at factories in Asia, assessing efficiency, inherent structure, and workmanship:

The benefits of entrusting us with the quality assurance of your solar cell purchases include:

  • 100% independence from suppliers and manufacturers
  • PV-specialized international inspection team
  • comprehensive testing with strict attention to detail
  • replacement of defective solar cells prior to shipment
  • inspections on-site at solar cell factories in Asia
  • employment of advanced testing equipment
  • proprietary cell grading standard and inspection techniques
  • detailed, confidential and on-time inspection reporting

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Our quality assurance scope covers:

  • crystalline silicon cells (mono c-Si/ multi c-Si/ PERC/ HIT)
  • thin-film cells (a-Si/ CIGS/ CdTe/ GaAs)
  • organic cells

Services offered:

  • Standard Pre-Shipment Inspections (SPSI)
  • Full Pre-Shipment Inspections (FPSI)
  • During Production (DuPro)/ In-Line Inspections

100% high-efficient and crack-free solar cells

Solar cell quality assurance services

Since 2009, our PV quality engineering team has helped companies worldwide assure
the quality of their purchases in Asia.

Kisun Solar is proud to work with leading PV companies and institutions in more than
15 countries.

Visit us at our offices in Shanghai or Hong Kong, or connect with our subsidiaries in
the USA, India, Brazil, the Netherlands, Philippines and Turkey.

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