Ensure technical compliance and streamlined certification

The growing number of officially reported and unreported PV component failures has triggered regular revisions of existing, and the development of new, quality and safety standards and regulations. This range of evolving standards, which often differ between regions, countries, and even states, complicates purchase decisions.

In addition, behind each new standard lies complex certification processes that, without proper preparation, can take far longer than planned and budgeted for.

Kisun Solar is an established and wellconnected advisor on solar PV quality and safety standards. Our experienced team can help you to manage and navigate through the difficult and complex jungle of PV quality standards.

The benefits of working with Kisun Solar include:

  • hands-on experience in PV product design qualification
  • specialists in PV quality and safety standards and certification processes
  • continuous monitoring of existing standards revisions and new standards development
  • expertise in proprietary quality standard development
  • an extensive network with research institutions, certification bodies, laboratories and testing equipment manufacturers
  • associated advisors on PV regulation to government agencies

Our in-depth expertise is reflected in the creation of acclaimed specialized PV certification guides by Kisun Solar core team members.

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Consultancy spectrum

  • market access requirements
  • product design compliance
  • planning and streamlined execution of certification process
  • creation of brand-proprietary quality standards
  • PV system component compliance advisory

We consult:

  • Advisory Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government Agencies
  • International Organizations
  • Manufacturers
  • NGOs
  • OEM Producers

Make your PV products safe, marketable, bankable, and reputable

PV quality standards and solar certifications

Over the past 5 years, our team has consulted solar companies, financial institutions, and government bodies on PV quality standards.

A major milestone has been the IEC/UL certification of the first full size, polymer solar module on the market.

Visit us at our offices Shanghai or Hong Kong, or connect with our subsidiaries in the USA, India, Brazil, the Netherlands, Philippines and Turkey.

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