Add an extra layer of protection? Test your PV components in our laboratory

KISUN SOLAR offers a broad range of laboratory tests on solar PV components in Asia. We thoroughly test solar PV components using a variety of lab tests.

Additional tests for country and climate-specific requirements are popular.

The befits of entrusting us with the laboratory tests of your PV components include:

  • Complete offering of PV module laboratory tests
  • Testing of modules, inverters, batteries, and primary materials
  • Time-efficient testing solutions
  • Unbeatable pricing
  • Working with the team that IEC/UL passed for the first polymer module on the market
  • Comprehensive, multi-lingual reporting

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Selection of PV module laboratory tests

Coastal areas:

  • Salt mist corrosion testing
  • Mechanical load testing for increased wind (5400Pa / 7200Pa)

Desert areas:

  • Sand & dust test
  • Thermal cyclic chamber (fast)
  • Accelerated desert temperature cycles

Farm environments:

  • Ammonia corrosion resistance testing

General tests:

  • Chamber testing (DH, TC200, HF)
  • High resolution EL testing (deep PV cell analysis)
  • PV module I-V testing (LED AAA class)
  • Potential induced degradation (PID) test
  • Light induced degradation (LID) test
  • Measurement of temperature coefficients
  • Wet leakage current test
  • Performance at low / high irradiance
  • Hot spot test
  • Fire test

Looking to perform a different laboratory test? Get in touch. We are confident the test can be performed in our lab.

Comprehensive laboratory tests for maximum quality safety

PV laboratory tests

Kisun Solar can thoroughly test solar PV components and raw materials on nearly any imaginable lab test.

Whatever PV component, whatever laboratory test - we are confident to offer you the most efficient, time-saving and competitive testing solutions.

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USA, India, Brazil, the Netherlands, Philippines and Turkey.

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