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    Solar Quality Assurance

    Buying solar products and components directly from the manufacturers provides a major price advantage. In a highly competitive market, purchasing directly in Asia has become a major pillar for successful solar business operators, including distributors, installers and EPCs. However, importing from Asia comes with considerable risks, too. KISUN SOLAR provides independent quality assurance for solar modules, inverters, mounting systems…

    Kisun solar quality consultancy

    Solar Quality Consultancy

    Successful sourcing of solar PV products from Asia requires informed navigation through complex waters of misunderstandings, product and data cheating, communication issues, quality traps, process supervision problems and also market access requirements. With KISUN SOLAR you have an experienced and reliable partner in Asia to safely coordinate and manage your overall purchasing process and consult on the PV quality standard requirements in your region…


    On-Site Quality Control

    KISUN SOLAR is an established, solar photovoltaic (PV)-focused quality assurance, consultancy and auditing service company specializing in solar technology made in Asia. Using modern technical equipment and best PV quality management practices, our team helps customers worldwide to ensure the quality of their PV components and projects on-site by identifying and countering costly defects and problems before they turn into existential challenges to your solar project and business…

    PV power plant inspection2

    Power Plant Inspections

    With our comprehensive solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant quality inspection services, we at KISUN SOLAR help operators, investors and other project stakeholders to assess design and installation quality according to technical specifications and geographic circumstances, identify system and component failures and evaluate and correct quality and performance problems in order to ensure the plant’s long-term functionality and output yields…

    KISUN SOLAR Quality Services


    Why PV Quality Assurance?

    Pricing pressure, lax quality management, low-grade components, subcontracting and communication mistakes: there are many quality risk factors making regular, systematic PV quality assurance on-site necessary..
    pv factory audit

    Factory Audits

    The reality is often different from what many manufacturers try to portray. Sustainable solar PV business development requires careful pre-screening and professional auditing of the prospective suppliers...
    pv quality safe purchasing

    Quality & Safe Purchasing

    Quality defects, tricky warranties, unsafe packing, frauds and other pitfalls threaten PV businesses. We accompany customers through the buying process..

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