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    Solar Quality Inspections

    Purchasing solar panels, inverters and mounting racks directly from manufacturers in China provides a major price advantage. In a highly competitive market, purchasing directly in China has become a major pillar for successful solar system installers. However the procurement of PV products in China comes with considerable, cost-intensive risks as well. KISUN performs Independent Quality Inspections of solar panels, inverters and mounting racks…


    Solar Quality Consultancy

    Successful sourcing of PV products from China requires thorough identification of suitable manufacturers and supervision of their quality management during production. PV factories must be capable not only of delivering quality products in the right timeframe but also of complying with high technological, ecological and social standards and regulations. Building on in-depth expertise in the Chinese PV industry, KISUN offers a range of Solar Quality Consultancy and Assurance Services…


    On-Site Quality Control

    Major defects of imported solar panels, inverters and mounting racks are in most cases only identified when it is already too late. Workmanship, performance and aesthetic defects found only after shipment and installation require major costs and time to have them replaced. Good and thorough quality control can help to avoid defects and takes place on-site at the factory…


    About KISUN

    At KISUN we provide solar quality inspections, assurance and consultancy services, helping our customers – mainly PV plant developers, solar system installers, distributors and architects – to source quality solar panels, inverters and mounting racks safely and economically from China. KISUN’s European-American team of experienced solar (PV) experts has performed PV quality inspections at numerous solar manufacturers…

    Kisun PV Quality Consultancy Services


    Why PV quality inspections?

    Pricing pressure, lenient quality management, low-grade components, subcontracting and communication mistakes: there are many quality risk factors making regular, systematic PV quality inspections on-site necessary..

    PV inspection packages

    KISUN offers professional solar quality inspection services in the greater China region: pre-shipment quality inspections of solar panels, inverters and mounting racks as well as DuPro testing and PV factory audits..

    Quality Standard Consultancy

    There are numerous quality and safety standards for PV products. KISUN helps its customers to define suitable quality acceptance requirements...

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